For me, our subconscious is like a treasure chest. We can find the most amazing treasures there, when we are ready.

Petra Martens

Welcome to the pages of Via Sacra!


  • "Who am I really?"
  • "What does it really look like inside of me?
  • "What should I learn in life?"
  • "Why am I on this earth?"
  • "What is my purpose?" 
  • "How can I perfect my life?“

We all want to live a free, happy and fulfilling life. Growing internally, enjoying life, making good decisions and achieving goals. We can do all of this at any time.

But sometimes we seem to be standing still. No solution, no further progress in sight and we can't find any explainable reasons for it. Then it is advisable to get professional help and support.

Together we will clear the way for the changes you want!

  • Throw off inner ballast, release blockades
  •  Reconnect with your true essence
  •  Live your full potential
  •  Shape your life in joy and abundance

My name is Petra Martens. 

I am a hypnotherapist, reincarnation therapist and therapist for spiritual regressions into the life between lives. My great passion is travelling in time and space together with my clients. I offer my sessions in English and German.


I support you on your way to find your very own solutions to empower yourself and grow. 

By assisting you in raising your awareness and look from a different perspective, you can make meaningful changes in order to have a more healthy, peaceful and joyful life. 


With regression therapy you can revisit and discover memories, healing the root course of a present situation, understand karmic patterns, current relationships and release blocked energy. You can travel back to many previous lifetimes for the purpose of understanding who you are today and what brought you so far to here. Regression work can also help you to understand and heal traumatic experiences, which you may still carry within you in your physical body and your current life. 

I strongly believe that each of us has the inner wisdom and potential to heal even the most challenging experiences. Regression therapy can help us to discover and activate our self-healing power, by reconnecting with the true and eternal part of ourselves. 


One of the most powerful sessions that bring enlightenment is a journey in the life between lives. During this journey you can meet your spirit guides, your soul group members, you can meet the elders or wise ones to receive helpful and wise advice. You can visit places of healing, learning and discovery from a higher perspective - why you chose this life and its challenges and circumstances. Also, you can discover the goals and the contracts you set up with some of your soul group members for your current life.


The beauty of this work is supporting clients to reconnect with their own true spiritual essence, and by that, help to heal the soul on a deep level. 

I am deeply committed to helping my clients learn positive, healthy and productive ways to journey through life's ups and downs with grace and ease. I practise from my heart and I love what I do. Holding space and witnessing a client’s journey is my passion.


Via Sacra... means holy way...healing way... for me it's reincarnation therapy.

I have learned this wonderful, profound, transformative form of therapy from many teachers at various schools and institutes in Germany and abroad.