Vita OF Petra martens November 1965 in Northern Germany


After completing my commercial training, I worked in various companies in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. Interestingly, I always had people in my circle of colleagues who were interested in astrology and alternative healing methods. Thus I came into contact with topics like astrology, zodiac signs, Reiki, reincarnation, acupuncture and much more.


In 1992 I read my first book about reincarnation therapy. I think it was a book by Dr. Brian Weiss. I was immediately hooked. After that many more books on this topic followed. This therapy explains our entire existence to me. All big questions of life (where from, where to, why) can be dealt with and clarified with the help of reincarnation therapy.


Petra Martens

 Over the years I have never dreamed that I would ever meet someone who can lead me back to past lives. Let alone that I learn and practice this therapy myself.

2004 – 2008 

Alternative practioner practice auf dem Königslande Hamburg

Training as alternative practitioner, Bach flower therapy, Schüssler salts, seminars in phytotherapy, herbal medicine, spagyric, ear acupuncture, hypnosis therapy


Past life regression seminar with Ingrid Valliers

2010 – 2011 

Paracelsius alternative practitioner school Hamburg

Reincarnation therapy and work with the inner child


Kinesiology according to Dr.Klinghard


Spiritual and energetic healing methods

Crystal Healing, 

Kundalini Reiki Level 1 - 3

Shamanic techniques (A.Vilholdo, and others)

EFT Tapping

Emotion Code according to Dr. B. Nelson

LBL Workshop with Robert Schwartz


Past Life Regression Academy           

Past Life and Regression Therapy  

Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapy 

Avanced Hypnosis Training

Work with the inner child

Spiritual Clearing

Via Sacra...  means holy way... healing way... for me it's reincarnation therapy.

I have learned this wonderful, profound, transformative form of therapy from many teachers at various schools and institutes in Germany and abroad.  


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